About Rental Investor

Rental and Real Estate Investing SoftwareJeffrey Wannberg launched Rental Investor in 2013 from an Excel spreadsheet and web scraping software. His original process for evaluating potential investment properties (much like the current process for many investors) was quite tedious. First, scrape the internet for listings from the local real estate web pages, then import them into the spreadsheet and evaluate each property for investment potential, then find estimated property value and rental incomes from Zillow and evaluate the properties further.

Since those early days, Rental Investor has been redesigned for the web to bring all that functionality into one location for anyone to use. The software has evolved to include features for property management, as well as investment property evaluation from search to sale.

Rental Investor is always up to date, always available via the internet, and new functionality is being developed that is available exclusively to Rental Investor customers.

Our goal is simple: empowering real estate rental investors to manage their own investment properties and keep more profit in their pockets. By using property management software, Rental Investor users can turn around and reinvest in additional properties sooner and even make real estate investing their full-time gig, if they wish.