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The dashboard is the main information hub for all the properties you manage. It does not contain any information about properties you are researching.

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is split into several sections that deliver key information pertaining to the properties you are managing.

  • Expiring leases will show all leases coming due in the next 90 days.
  • Open work orders will show the status of all open work orders and a brief description.
  • Invoice Overview provides a status of invoices in their different states.
  • Ledger overview breaks down each properties overall balance.
  • Recent invoices allows for quick access to recent tenants invoices.

Quick Actions

The quick actions tool bar provides easy access to pages throughout the site. By clicking an action you can jump straight to adding a tenant, creating new invoices, or recording payments.

Quick Actions


Expiring Leases

Expiring Leases list all leases that expire in the next 90 days or that have expired. Click on the tenants name, which is linked to their account. Inside the tenant’s account you have the option to renew or edit their lease. There is also an option to move them out in the system. Sorry, it won’t physically move them out of the home – maybe that will be a future option.

Expiring or Expired Leases


Work Orders

The work order section contains a list of all the open work orders for all your properties. A tenant has the ability to submit work orders from their tenant portal. Unless they are closed, they will be listed in this section. Each worker will show the current status, the due date, the property, and a short description. Click on the description and you will see all the details for the work order as well as have the ability to edit and track the work order until completion.

Open Work Orders


Property Ledgers

The ledger overview section lists all the properties you manage and their ledger balance. Each property has its own ledger, which provides a clear picture of how each property is actually performing. By clicking on the property name, it will take you directly to that property’s ledger to add expenses, income, or make an edit.

Ledger Overview


The invoice section contains a quick view of all recent invoices. The invoice overview shows the invoices in their different states. They can be in a draft, sent, viewed, or paid state. Click on the status link and you will see all the invoices in this state. The recent invoices section shows all upcoming invoices or ones created in the last 30 days. Quickly see their status, due date, invoice number, the tenant they belong to, and the current balance.

Invoice Overview

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