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Property List

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The Property List

The Property List is a filterable and sort-able table of all the properties you are researching.  It enables a quick analysis of all the properties being researched compared to one another. With a single click, you can instantly compare the list of properties against each other. The table is also filterable to remove any properties that don’t meet a minimum invest-able property requirement.


Key Metrics

A table of properties
Property List


At the top of the table are the key metrics for comparing investment properties.  The headers in the table are Price, Beds, Baths, Sqft, Price/Sqft, Cash Flow, Cap Rate, Gross Rent Multiplier, Payback Period, Debt Coverage Ratio, and the Break-Even Ratio. Each row is based on the property address in the left most column.


Sort and Compare

Table sorted by cap rate (descending)
Sorted by Cap Rate


By clicking on the arrow below any header you can sort (ascending or descending) all the properties based on that metric. For example, if you would like to sort the list based on the highest cap rate, click the arrow directly under Cap Rate. The list will automatically sort, and the property with the highest cap rate will be on the top of the list.



Table filtered based on price per square foot
Filterable and Sort-able property list


The property list is filterable as well as sortable. Each of the headers in the table has a filter box. It will accept filters such as greater than ( > ), less than ( < ), equal to ( = ), as well as a combination such as greater than and equal to ( >= ). There are examples in the filter boxes of your table.

In the example above, properties were filtered based on their price/sqft to see anything less than $143 per sqft. Just enter <143 and any property that doesn’t meet that criteria will disappear. They are not deleted from the database however. The sort on cap rate was left in place to show that filters and sorts will work together.


Select a Property

Select a row on the table
Properties are Select-able

Each row of the list is select-able. By clicking on any property, you will go into its details.

Property details such as image, invest-ability table, and local analysis graphs
Property Details


The property details are a combination of a local market analysis, all the income and expense assumptions, a detailed analysis or investment model, as well as a photo gallery to upload images. Any changes you make to the assumptions are automatically updated in the property list as well.

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